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South Beach, the well-known, exciting and rapidly growing community of Miami Beach in Florida, has been called the Art Deco Playground of the country. South Beach is also known as America 's Riviera . Small wonder— South Beach is almost an island, with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the broad Miami River on the other. The beaches are incredible and seem to go on forever. It's the perfect place to relax and to play. more...
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In 1896, Henry Morrison Flagler brought his Florida East Coast Railway to Miami in order to build the luxurious Royal Palm Hotel and lay out the city. Miami was founded on real estate investment and development potential and Miami continues to live up to and fulfill those dreams. more...

Pre construction in Miami is Booming!

Miami is by far one of the hotspots to live in the world. This multi-diverse city is known for its phenomenal weather, enticing nightlife, and its meticulously constructed modern buildings. Miami Real Estate is at its peak and everyone wants a piece of the action! With this in mind, Miami pre construction has become a booming business. Many of these Miami Real Estate buyers are full time Florida residents, North, and South Americans. But considering many buyers in this demographic are interested purely in vacation homes and investment purchases. These buyers have also reached out and grabbed a piece and rightly so! What is the big hype about investing in Miami pre construction? The answer is as simple as this, to make a return on your investment. But there are various factors determining your return. First of all, the Downtown Miami Real Estatepurchase price, generally, the earlier you purchase your unit the lower your cost will be. The developer price increases. Most developers sell their projects in various phases and raise the prices as the project grows. For example, a person who buys in phase one of the project may have paid a considerably less amount than a person who bought in another phase of the project. The lack of carrying costs - aside from the down payment that is required when an investor goes to contract, there is no other out of pocket expenses. Examples are mortgage, maintenance, insurance, and taxes. In other words, an investor can take advantage of the increasing prices potential and not pay anything to carry the property. The general economy is also a factor. The law of economics dictates that the prices rise when there is more demand then supply and visa versa. Lack of land to build on and increase in population is also reasons for price increase. With a ranging appreciation of 25% to 35% each year, a good time to invest in a pre construction condo would be now. Absolute Bay Lofts is a good example of a pre construction loft condo made available to the public. This exceptional building contains “industrial lofts” with over 15' ceilings, a view of Biscayne Bay water, and oversized windows. The appliances are the utmost modern with designer fixtures. The amenities are out of this world not to mention the rooftop pool and gym. Absolute Bay Lofts are breaking ground this year and expected delivery is in the fall of 2006. has experienced local realtors that can assist in finding the perfect Miami pre construction project for you. Like the 22 story Apogee which sits on the tip of South Beach on Cruise Ship Alley and the oceanfront side of Fisher Island. With 68 total residences, the Apogee is the brain child of Jorge Perez who is known for many icon buildings in South Beach. Apogee buyers, however, will be able to have units built to their specifications. Luxurious Apogee living should be complete in mid 2006. There are several steps in the pre construction process. First, the investor must sign a reservation agreement and then put down a deposit (fully refundable). This amount is different for each developer. Once the developer is approved from the local government you will be asked to enter into a contract. After a certain time period the contract becomes “hard”. Generally the developer requires a down payment on the property being built (from $1,000 to 20% of the total price of the unit). Many developers allow investors to assign their contract to other purchasers but some developers do not. If the property is not sold before completion the investor must close on the property and then sell, rent, or use it themselves. The real estate agents at know how quickly Miami pre construction is moving. They have provided themselves with the proper training to help assist their customers through all of the phases of finding the best pre construction property for themselves knowing what a wise investment choice they are making when purchasing pre construction in Miami.

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