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Miami Homes Miami Real Estate is your source of information about the opportunities to buy and invest in Miami real estate. We know the Miami condominium market inside and out. He knows about the existing condominiums that come on the market daily. Most importantly, he knows about the condominiums that are planned, approved and in their phase which you can buy them at their preconstruction prices.
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For Buyers
Condominiums in Miami Florida are an outstanding investment because Miami real estate is hot! Preconstruction condominiums are an even better investment because they are offered at a “test” price, often significantly lower than the ultimate price the developers use when the project is complete.
For Sellers
If you are thinking about selling your Miami Florida property, you're in an ideal position because Miami real estate is hot and there are many buyers looking for what you have. Jiany Massad and his team of professionals can guide you through the whole process, from listing to close of escrow. They are known for their expertise and their personalized customer service. You'll know you sold your Miami real estate and made the best deal possible.
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Pinetree Drive Miami Beach is a diverse, exciting and rapidly growing area. Called “Manhattan in the Sun,” Miami and it's communities of South Beach, Aventura and the downtown Brickell Ave. area literally offer something for everyone. If you want to make your home in the Miami area, or if you want to invest in Miami real estate the team of real estate professionals at Miami Realty Finder, led by REALTOR® Jiany Massad, are the experts you want and need.

Miami is planning for continued growth. Many areas are being rezoned to allow a mix of residential, commercial and retail development that experience shows is the right mix for real estate investment. This type of planning creates a lively and profitable environment. It's not surprising that condominiums, both older, established units and those in their preconstruction phase are selling like mad. The delightful combination of commercial, retail and residential means everything you want is close at hand. Commutes are reduced to a walk of a block or two. Dining out means a stroll to your favorite restaurant. Entertainment means inviting your friends to join you as you walk to the beach. Recreation abounds, not only on the beaches but in the areas parks.

Real estate in Miami comes in many forms, from waterfront single family estates through condominiums and some of the most interesting are those condos that are planned, approved, but haven't yet begun construction. Purchasing a condo in the preconstruction period often means significant return on your investment, sometimes within hours! Developers often use the preconstruction sales price as a way to determine how quickly to raise their prices as the project builds out.

Miami Real Estate Agents , has the expertise, the experience, the team and the tools to help you make the most of the preconstruction opportunity. Having Jiany and his team represent you on the first day of preconstruction sales puts you first in line and able to take advantage of the temporarily low preconstruction prices.

Let US and his team show you how to make the most of Miami's hot and lucrative preconstruction market. Miami Condos | Miami homes

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